Our paper about privacy is accepted in RecSys 2019

Our paper with the title “PDMFRec: a decentralised matrix factorisation with tunable user-centric privacy” is accepted and presented as short paper in RecSys 2019. The abstract of the paper can be read in the following:

Conventional approaches to matrix factorisation (MF) typically rely on a centralised collection of user data for building a MF model. This approach introduces an increased risk when it comes to user privacy. In this short paper we propose an alternative, user-centric, privacy enhanced, decentralised approach to MF. Our method pushes the computation of the recommendation model to the user’s device, and eliminates the need to exchange sensitive personal information; instead only the loss gradients of local (device-based) MF models need to be shared. Moreover, users can select the amount and type of information to be shared, for enhanced privacy. We demonstrate the effectiveness of this approach by considering different levels of user privacy in comparison with state-of-the-art alternatives.